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Joy Lipa

Before starting Joy's Way in January 2015 – Joy spent over 20 years in business nationally and internationally as a management consultant, coach and workshop co-facilitator.  She specialized in process improvements and organizational development which included culture, change, coaching and team performance. The knowledge, skills and practices she developed helping organizations improve and change, set the foundation for her to help families- especially those in change.


Joy founded Joy’s Way when she discovered a gap in Minnesota family services for successful reunification programs for moderate to severe cases where children refuse or resist contact with a once-loved parent.


Joy works with families and lawyers in courts or post-custodial order issues. She provides training, referrals to local and national experts, parent and family coaching, strategy and case consulting. As a former board member of the Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute, Joy’s approach is one of restorative justice and resilience versus punitive justice and trauma.


With the Minnesota mindset “go big, or go home,” Joy sought out the best experts in the nation and joined national and international organizations of professionals who work in this highly specialized field.


Joy’s Minnesota case success story

November 2015, Minnesota had a high-profile case of two teen sisters who were missing for 2.5 years. Once found, Joy called on her network of experts. She created the reunification strategy within 48 hours and the collaborative plan to reunite the teens with their siblings and parent. She was part of the reunification program team out-of-state. Since that successful reunification, Joy has become a local champion to bring these highly specialized reunification providers to Minnesota. Over the last three years, she has built relationships with the nation’s best.


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