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Case Studies

Music Legend Cornbread Harris Helped Debut a Needed Piano at a North Mpls. School

Joy’s dear friend, Cornbread Harris, wrote “lets get together before it’s too late “ for his son, Jimmy Jam Harris. When a parent doesn’t have contact with a child, it causes chronic sorrow. Joy teamed with Cornbread in this story to bring song and joy to children... and Cornbread.

Watch the full KARE11 Video here:

The Girls Are Gone by Michael Brodkorb & Allison Mann

Joy's strategy and non-therapeutic program member work with this MN case is published in the award winning book The Girls Are Gone. With permission of the father, Joy cooperated with the authors to publish her work as a lessons-learned and case study example of successful family reunification.


Dateline 20/20 ABC: Footprints In the Snow

Sisters Disappear During Parents' Bitter Custody Battle in MN


Ryan Thomas

Ryan was alienated as a young boy and wasn't allowed to have a relationship with his father. He reunified with his father as an adult and now helps save parent-child relationships in over 25 countries by giving parents a step-by-step roadmap of exactly what to say or do based on their specific situation.

Watch "Hating Half of Myself"

Kelley Baker, Ph D , Parental Alienation: What is it and How Does it Happen

Parental Alienation Hurts: Adult Story/ Recovery from Parental Alienation

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